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2011 November

TimeSquare Video

So this week our team headed to New York City for a media Blitz in Time Square. With the help of a good friend we were able to team up with Time Square Squared, and have our motion graphics displayed on the NASDAQ and Reuters signs. This was really fun and amazing project. Usually when things are do good to be true, they are! Well what was the catch this time? Well the catch was I only had two days to create a 30 second animation for a 8 story building. The last I create something that big was just half past never. So what did a do? I jumped into go go gadget mode and cranked out something fun a cool!

Anytime you have a job two big or two quick for one person you call in help! So Jun, my co-motion graphic wizard divided up the work and got to work. He took the task of animating the 14 story Reuters building, and I started on the 8 story NASDAQ building. The NASDAQ building was round, and allowed me to fake a extra dimension, so I played off the shape in my animation. Jun used the height of his building to create a dramatic logo dropping out of space and triggering the rest of his animation. Both these designs worked together to fill Time Square up with color, hope, and energy!

Check out the quick clip!